Philadelphia In Love DVD
Here are a few videos to view and download. A complete set of our studio videos along with live footage and bonus materials is available on the Philadelphia In Love DVD collection that was released in October 2003. Order the DVD from Amazon.

All videos are in RealVideo format. You’ll need the RealPlayer to view them. Download RealPlayer.

To play the video, click the “low” or “high” links depending on your connection speed. RealPlayer should open and play the video. To download to actual file (high band version), right click the title and save to your hard drive.

The Thing That Only Eats Hippies | Low | High

Big Time Operator | Low | High

Smokin’ Banana Peels | Low | High

Peter Bazooka | Low | High

Toy Talk with Kevin Seal on MTV’s 120 Minutes | Low | High

Puking Song on MTV”s 120 Minutes | Low | High

Canada’s Much Music Interview (edit) | Low | High

Memorial Show Videos
I’ve added links to some video of several songs from the Dave Blood Memorial shows last November. They’re large files so a broadband connection will help. Thanks to John C., Brian Bubonic and Hugh Hamilton for documenting the show and sharing this footage.

From Brian Bubonic (Quicktime Movies):
Tiny Town

From John C. (Windows Media Files):
Laundromat Song
Plum Dumb

From Hugh Hamilton (AVI files)
Punk Rock Girl
Wonderfully Colored Plastic WarToys