October 28, 1986 - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Show Day - Cold/Cloudy

Up at 9:30. Out and eat on our way North to Mt. Pleasant Michigan. Dan drives and we arrive sooner than we expect - about 4:15. We stop in the bar and hang out. "The Foolery" is an OK place. Wander around town a little. I buy postcards and Lego! - just for fun. Hang out and drink "Fosters Lager". Meet people at the club -cool folks.

We eventually load in and sound check. Monitor problems but it will be OK. We go to eat then back to the club. We go upstairs - there is a 6 bed apartment for the bands to stay in. cool - it's a home away from home with a living room with a table and a gas heater with an open flame. Write postcards and talk.

This band apartment setup is more like some of the clubs we played in Europe.

We check out the opening band - OK but noisy. Lots of people - sold out basically. The room is rated for 100 people but it's easily over the legal limit. We set up and go on. Play a good show. Harvey the club owner and several bouncers are at the edge of the stage holding back the crowd as they push forward. College crowd and punks - a little thrashing and lots of surging forward. The people here don't get many shows. Very enthusiastic crowd. Encore. The stage was very hot - I thought I was going to pass out.

We hang out and drink beers. Sign stuff and talk to people. We eventually go upstairs. We do interviews and meet lots of nice people. Meet Tony - the fellow we talked to from Little Rock. Talk, drink beer and hang out. I go to bed at 6AM - we have tomorrow off - I can sleep late. We had fun here tonight.

I remember we told ghost stories all night in front of the fire. I also remember some good graffiti on the walls too.

Posted by Dean at October 28, 1986 07:21 PM