Jim Walewander Photos

During a 1987 tour and trip to Detroit, we learned of a player on the Detroit Tigers who happened to be a big Milkmen fan. Through the record company, we got him in on the guest list to the show and hung out.Nordstrom Promo Code He got us on his guest list to go to Tiger Stadium the next day. We got our picture taken with Jim in the dug out and he got Coach Sparky Anderson to come out and meet us. We had to leave for a show but Jim hit his first major league home run that day.

Check out an excerpt from an article about Jim and the Milkmen by friend Jeff Fox.

The DM and Jim at Paychecks
Here we are backstage at Paychecks in Hamtramack MI.

In the dug out at Tiger Stadium
In the dug out at Tiger Stadium.

Sparky meets the DM!
Sparky meets the DM!

Jim's Score Baseball Card
Jim’s Baseball Card

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We got mentioned on the back!