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Halloween Show at the Trocadero!


For the zombie in all of us!

October 2015 / No. 66

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Boston and Philadelphia Halloween Shows Cap Busy Year!

Halloween Show 2015 at the Trocadero!

The Dead Milkmen will finish the 2015 year of live shows with a set at the Sinclair in Boston, MA on October 17th, and an all ages hometown halloween performance at The Trocadero on October 30th! The band will be joined in Philadelphia by openers "Fight, Fuck or Dance" and "Ego Likeness". There will be special sideshow performances in the upstairs bar between main-stage sets.


10/17 - The Sinclair - Boston, MA - SOLD OUT!
10/30 - The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA - TICKETS

Watch Full Documentary of Pretty Music Track Recording!

Last year's release of Pretty Music For Pretty People saw the release of a video for the title song off the album. The song video gave you a glimpse into the recording process to create the track. Now, one year later, we're releasing the long-form, in-the-studio video that director Brian Siano put together that documents the complete tracking and final mixing of the song.

Jack Talcum's CORNER

"Treat or Trick"

Although our federal government refuses to negotiate with terrorists, around this time every year typical law abiding citizens such as myself are essentially required to do just that, in the form of a tradition known as "trick or treat". If we don't give in to the collective demands of roving gangs of costumed youngsters, we face the not-so-idle threat of property damage and bodily harm in the form of projectiles ranging from raw eggs to flaming toilet paper and bags of dog feces. I've been on the receiving end of just about every variety of "trick" in the book. My block captain suggests that I have only myself to blame. "If you don't give the kids their treat, expect a trick."

But who gets to define "treat"? Not me, apparently. Office supplies, I learned, are not considered treats. Nor are toothbrushes. The problem is, I don't want to give out candy, especially with the epidemic of childhood diabetes sweeping the nation. As much as I would love to see these masked miscreants suffer a vile disease, I cannot bring myself to fill their goodie bags with corn syrup laden chemically dyed cancer inducing confections. (You'd think they'd at least appreciate boxed raisins.) Besides, I cannot bring myself to succumb to their sweet-toothed demands. I'd rather clean poop off my porch.

Rodney Anonymous

An Immensely Helpful (We're Talkin' Some Sort of Humanitarian Award in the Works, Folks) List of Movies and Songs for Halloween

In my opinion there are only two holidays: Halloween and Getting Ready for Halloween. And while I'd love to write a lengthy thought-piece about how I came to this conclusion, my time is currently limited; so I'm going to do the next-best thing and supply you with an essential list of films and music.

Horror Movies

10) Banshee Chapter (2013)
Loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft's "From Beyond" and featuring a character based on Hunter S. Thompson while also employing "Number stations" used as plot device, this wonderfully insane little film delivers an LSD-dipped sugar cube of originality. If you enjoy this film, be sure to also check out "Pontypool".

09) Phantasm (1979)
Speaking of films that are crammed to the bursting point with original ideas, Phantasm didn't just break every rule in the Horror Movie How-To book, it murdered those rules slowly in front of their families. Not only is this the movie that gave us the flying drill-ball, it's also the film that introduced the world to Angus Scrimm - People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" for the last 40 years.

08) May (2002)
"If you can't find a friend... make one." A brilliant reworking of Frankenstein complete with inappropriate veterinary clinic humor.

07) Martyrs (2008)
I've eaten dinner while watching "Blood Sucking Freaks". I've seen the Genitorturers in concert three times. Shit Luther, I LIVE IN SOUTH PHILLY! But nothing, and I mean nothing, could prepare me for "Martyrs". Calling this film "Brutal and unflinching" is like calling the Manson murders a series of unfortunate papercuts.

06) Trick 'r Treat (2007)
After "Martyrs" you're going to need some lighter fare (and perhaps some professional counseling). Trick 'r Treat has to be the most purely fun horror movie ever made. If not, it's certainly one of the few films that actually manages to capture the spirit of Halloween. Watch this film every Halloween Eve is a tradition in the Anonymous Household; this is our "It's A Wonderful Life". Here's something REALLY scary: Warner Bros didn't release "Trick 'r Treat" theatrically because they didn't want it to compete with "SAW IV". "Trick 'r Treat" has gone on to become a holiday classic while "SAW IV" has gone on to become...um...the fourth film in the "SAW" series.

05) Halloween (1978)
This movie did for babysitting what "Deliverance" did for canoe trips. Starring that woman from the yogurt ads, Riff Randell from "Rock 'n' Roll High School", Donald Pleasance, and a dude in a William Shatner mask, "Halloween" had the good sense to strip down the plot (and Riff Randell) to the bare essentials: a soulless killer and some stoned, horny teens. PS. Even Rob Zombie's 2007 bastardization of this classic murder-fest can't diminish my love for it.

04) Rosemary's Baby (1968)
Satanists! Really, really old Satanists. "I've fallen on the pentagram and I can't get up" kind of Satanists. The third installment in director Roman Polanski's "I really should've read the small print on that lease" trilogy, "Rosemary's Baby" begins creepily and crescendos into brilliant horror. Sadly, Polanski's wife would die from a series of unfortunate papercuts later that year.

03) Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
The Gold Standard for Zombie films (along with the underappreciated "Return of the Living Dead"), "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" was directed by Bob "Porky's" Clark and written by Alan "My Bodyguard" Ormsby, but don't let their credentials fool you: CSPwDT is straight up the most hardcore zombie flick ever made. While "The Walking Dead" and "Snore The Walking Dead" dick you around as to the origin of the Zombie Apocalypse, CSPwDT not only tells you - it shows you. Hint: Could it be….SATAN???

02) Suspiria (1977)
If director Dario Argento wasn't busy making movies, he'd be busy murdering you in your sleep. If you can think of a highly unpleasant way to die, it's in this movie. Filmed in bright, hallucinatory colors and featuring a soundtrack by Goblin, "Suspiria" is what happens when the inmates not only run the asylum, but the movie studios as well.

01) The Haunting (1963)
Claw-like hands down, the greatest horror of All Time. No axe-wielding maniacs. No reptilian aliens. No demon babies. Just spooky atmosphere so thick that you could chip a tooth on it.

While cruising the tubes of the internets, why not pop on over to Bloody Disgusting for horror related lists from our friends Velvet Acid Christ, Ludovico Technique and Stoneburner


If you're tired of the same ol' Halloween song lists featuring "Thriller", "Every Day is Halloween", "Monster Mash" and "Bela Lugosi's Dead", may I recommend the following? Trust me; I'm a DJ.

20) The Surfin' Dead - The Cramps
19) Jesus Was A Zombie - Zombie Girl
18) Mommy's Little Monster - Social Distortion
17) Corpses (A Zombie Love Song) - God Module
16) I'm Your Boogie Man - White Zombie
15) Phantasmagoria - Ashbury Heights
14) Pretend That We're Dead - L7
13) No More Nightmares - Dead When I Found Her
12) The Witch - The Sonics
11) Nothing's Gonna Be Alright - Santa Hates You
10) Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
09) Pet Sematary - Helalyn Flowers
08) Remove the Head - Bile
07) The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
06) Raised by Bats - Voltaire
05) Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) - Concrete Blonde
04) The Scary Polka - Live Not On Evil
03) Night of the Demons - 45 Grave
02) Hellraiser - Suicide Commando
01) Halloween - Siouxsie And The Banshees

Deliberating Dandrew

Thoughts for October

- Thinking of Steve Demarest today, October 5th. A wonderful man and a phenomenal bass player who exited stage left 2 years ago. He is still truly missed.

- Canadian Thanksgiving, October 12th. Less violent, historically, and my cousins celebrate it. And it's my uncle's birthday.

- October 15th: Joe's birthday & Rodney's wedding anniversary. Perhaps his gift to Joe.

- October 19th, my birthday. A gift from my parents.

- October 22nd. I will never forget this date because I had a huge paper due on that date in 10th grade and I never even did it.

- Our Halloween show is on October 30th, and thankfully not on my favourite* day of the year, Hallowe'en. Twice we played ON Halloween and I had to load-in/soundcheck at the club, get back home and take the kids Trick or Treat-ing, race back to the club and play the show. Actually, in retrospect that doesn't sound all that bad. At the time it felt like madness.

*did you see what I did there?

Pretty Music For Pretty People

"Pretty Music For Pretty People"

October 7, 2014 marked the official release of the current Dead Milkmen album "Pretty Music For Pretty People". Reception from the public and press has been great! You can order the album online from our own website shop or from other outlets such as Amazon, or iTunes. The SPECIAL vinyl version is now SOLD OUT.

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