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The memorial thread with posts from fans.

Why exactly DO we boil bass strings, anyway?

Postby Irrelevant » Thu Apr 08, 2004 12:09 am

A few days ago i boiled some old bass strings i found, in memory of him. I'm in the process of cleaning them up and restringing this acoustic bass i found which i was playing coincidentally at Anthrocon (not having realized that Rodney Anonymous was kicked out of there i'm guessing moments before i started), doing dead milkmen songs like stuart and bitching camaro, half in the bag from drinking all weekend ^_^

Now i'm going to learn these bass lines for real, instead of half mimicking them from memory. (which is fun, too.)

Dave Blood really was an influential bass player and is an inspirational soul.

I hope his spirit is at peace now.
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Dave Blood RIP

Postby oimayhem » Sat Apr 17, 2004 2:56 am

No one will miss Dave more than I other than his family and friends. I played with the Dead Milkmen back in 1989 at Shorties Underground in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a sweet man and had a heart of gold. He will be missed!
Dave will always be in my heart.
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