I S A W T H E COW (another satisfied coustomer)

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I S A W T H E COW (another satisfied coustomer)

Postby Chuck » Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:19 am

Got my Big Lizzard t-shirt! Real cool fast shipping. I look in an "where's my button?" Jus' whenI'm grummblin' " thosenogoodmilken . . .&%$#@... whatkindaclipjoint they runninhere . .. I glance down and--------THE COW!!

It's starining up at me!!

That grin, those x'd out eyeballs (incidentally, not really sure,but,the eye balls go in head cheese.)

I always thought the Dead Milkmen were a great funny punk band.
You ever been in a comic book store,huh?
A real comic book store.Not like that warmed over comic-book guy on the Simpsons.
A real comic book store where on a new comic tuesday you here talk of The Illuminati & The Tri-Lateral Commison?

Well this Cow, it's some kinda cryptic hielographic or summpin'.
I seen one a them there polterghost's once too.

The Cow--( i think this is where you're supposed to say the eyes follow you around the room ) the eyes follow you around the room

alright that's my obligatory Dead Milkmen post.

You can find me on the "Get Drunk" & "Get High" threads

I saw nothing.....
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