Burnley's Sean Dyche would be in favour of extending FA rule

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Burnley's Sean Dyche would be in favour of extending FA rule

Postby makaralove » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:50 am


sbobet Burnley manager Sean Dyche says he wants to see more players punished for diving under the FA's new rules. Everton's Oumar Niasse was handed a two-match suspension last week after a panel retrospectively charged him with 'successful deception of a match official' during a draw at Crystal Palace. The ruling was attacked in many quarters, with pundits and commentators expressing the fear that it would open the floodgates and lead to a string of players picking up bans for simulation. Dyche stressed he was not offering an opinion on the Niasse case - and nor did he think Aaron Ramsey dived to win Arsenal's crucial spot-kick at Turf Moor on sbobet Sunday. But the Clarets boss does think the rules should be made even tougher, in order to drive diving out of the game for good. Dyche said: "I hope retrospective bans are handed out all over the place. "For me, they should be all over the place, all over the pitch. "If you are going to do it right and clean it up, then clean it up. "If you look at the rule, it is virtually impossible that someone actually has something happen to them. "It has to be a key moment, hardly any touch, if not no touch, it has to be in a danger area, etc etc. "I think they could be more stringent on the rule." Niasse became the first Premier League player banned under the new rules and Carlisle's Shaun Miller was also charged earlier this sbobet season. Dyche thinks the fact just two bans have been handed out so far suggests that the rules need a re-think. He added: "Think how many games have been played before someone was affected by it. "[The] debate on that person [Niasse], that is not for me to decide. "But if you think how many incidents there have been, I think there is more going on in the game than those two incidents. "I think it needs sorting out all over the pitch, I don't believe anyone wants to see it. Maybe I am old fashioned. "The moralistic view is to tidy it all up, for the kids. "They need to know it is not a game that accepts, let's call it simulation, instead of the word that we know it really is."
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