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Postby Funkbox » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:36 pm

Follow up---

I can only assume Dave was living in the NE when he conducted this interview. That was the last I had heard from him in Feb. This link goes to a very recent interview if anyone is interested..

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Postby captainbrad » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:37 pm

I'm showing my age here, but I have fond memories or dancin' around to Punk Rock Girl when I was 8 or 9...kinda feelin' wierd right now...I don't know what to say, except, Dave, you will be missed. Thanks for all the great years of amazing music.
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death is the fulfillment of life's dreams

Postby lucas » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:38 pm

today i am consciously aware of my immortality, and that the gradual manifestation of daves destiny is gods will.
dave is truth. dave is beauty. dave is wholeness. dave is the creator of his experience. dave is the early morning light dancing upon the waters of himself. dave is the immortal reflection of life as he passes through each and every plane of his infinite universe.
dave is perfect and complete.
today i claim for dave blood the joyful spirit of adventure and exploration. today i acknowledge daves gradual change from infancy to adulthood. today i accpet, with open arms, this time of season that dave returns to the dust from which he came, as he effortlessly moves his spirit to a more limitless freedom of expression. i know that dave embody's his transition with the passion of an emmigrant migrating to a new land, with the promise of a more prosperous life.
today i give thanks to dave for reminding me of the passing of spring into summer, summer into fall, fall into winter, winter into spring. today i give thanks to dave for reminding me of my own immortality, knowing that this is my divine birthright. knowing that this is dave's divine birthright.
i know that dave's destiny has been pre-approved and i know that his every desire has been fulfilled.
today my heart is open wide for dave, his friends, his bandmates and his family.
with much sincerity,
lucas mudskipper
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Great Music

Postby BRIqotsa » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:39 pm

This is sad news. I guess all I can do is say thanks Dave for the original, inspired music.

My thoughts are with Kathy and the rest of Dave's family and friends.
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Postby MrBeefy » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:44 pm

I'm very deeply saddened. His memory will live on. Sympathy to those close to him.
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Postby Ultraviolet » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:44 pm

I think it's obvious that Dave touched the lives of a lot of people, in ways he didn't know...

I had much the same experience as many of the other posters. It was the 80's, I was in HS and learning all about the NJ-NY-PA scene from a guy I was crushing on in my algebra class... He gave me "Big Lizard" to listen to, and the rest was history! I got all my friends hooked on it. Some of my favorite memories are based on those records!

I was fortunate enough over the following few years to develop a great written correspondence with the band. I'd get crayon drawings or hotel pillow mints or restaurant placemats... I couldn't wait to get home from school and check the mailbox!

I've always had a thing for bass, so Dave held a special place in my heart. He was a brilliant talent, and I was sad about him having to stop because of the tendonitis. This is sadder. He will be dearly missed.

My heart goes out to the family and the band. I wish you all peace, love and strength.

K. Kraly
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Postby Fudgy-Loins-The-Ass-Pilot » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:46 pm


My deepest sympathy goes out to Dave's family and friends. I started listening to the DM when I was about 13 (15 years ago) and I still listen to them at least every other day or so. It's hard to put into words, or even guage how much Dave's talent contributed to my mental condition but it surely will be a life long gift.

I had the pleasure of seeing the DM play at The Metro in Chicago with Heatmiser on October 30th, in the year 1994 I think it was. It was the best $7 I ever spent and is still my standard for what a good show should be. I hope whatever waits for us in the hereafter has a special place reserved for Dave, I know I do.

Up in the sky I saw Dave.
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Last Rollercoaster Ride

Postby drumwild » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:48 pm

The Dead Milkmen provided not only the soundtrack for my college years, but inspiration for the MANY bands that were happening at Ball State (Muncie Indiana) from 1983 to 1985. They've provided continuous inspiration for me (in the form of their recordings) to this very day.

I know a little of what Dave went through, as I had a bout with Tendinitis and had to give up my music for a while.

Success and happiness are elusive creatures, as are encouragement and hope. Being told daily to give up my dreams only adds to the frustration, as I have nothing else in life to keep me going. Pushing forward is still my only option. I wish it had been an option for Dave as well. I can only guess why he did this, and I won't post those guesses here. It doesn't matter; he's gone.

As I mentioned before, pusing on is my only option. It's my F-You to those who continue to tell me that my life is a waste. It is sad that so many people get their satisfaction from telling others their life is worthless. The only thing worse is when you believe them, or when you convince yourself that your life is not worth living.

My condolences to his family, bandmates, friends, and fellow fans. I wish Dave had been able to find another option.


"This is my last rollercoaster ride... this is my last rollercoaster ride... this is my last... ride..."
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=( This is dreadful

Postby Raspberry_Tart » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:52 pm

My heart goes out to Dave's family and the guys from The Dead Milkmen.

I remember him writing about when he lived and studied in Serbia, former Yugoslavia on Rodney's message board. He wrote about how he heard bombs drop all around him and noticed that a lot of these bombs didn't just hit "specific government targets" but schools, houses, apartments and other things that have no business having bombs drop on them. He wanted to get the word out on the real consequences of these carpet bombing campaigns and told some major news station that he had a sweetheart story to tell about some girlfriend in the area that he can't find. He ended up going on the air and going off about the carnage and the bombs falling in other places other than "government targets". What a brave and courageous thing for him to do! He also was a vocal opponent of the "shock and awe" tactics of the latest war in Iraq and against the war in general.

The world is a lot emptier without him.
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Postby Vorpin Shatterstar » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:53 pm


The Dead Milkmen are and will always be one of my favorite musical acts. They are the first music I listened to when I will little, and I still listen to them now.

Best wished to his family and friends.
"I just want to conquer people and their souls."
-Mike Tyson
Vorpin Shatterstar
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Rest In Peace Dave

Postby aging punk » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:54 pm

My condolences to Dave's family and friends. I will raise a toast in his memory tonight.

It's too bad Dave couldn't have read these posts, he would have seen how much he and the Milkmen meant to people.
aging punk
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Postby churchburner » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:59 pm

you were so brilliant, so loving, and so fucking wonderful
we love and miss you
this is life as i know it
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Postby hoser » Thu Mar 11, 2004 5:03 pm

Im at a loss for words here..
The Milkmen greatly influenced my life and when things seemed down I would listen. I only wish I could of had the chance to meet him in person, just to let him know how much I appreciated the wonderful music.
Dave you will be missed immensly.
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Postby razlerrecords » Thu Mar 11, 2004 5:07 pm

Dean, Joe, Rodney and of course Dave's family,

I am deeply sorry for you loss. I haven't had any contact with Dave in a long time. I think the last time I saw him was at the Bacchanal??? But, I remember him...and that is something we all can do.
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I bring you very sad news

Postby tink101 » Thu Mar 11, 2004 5:10 pm

I had the pleasure of working with the Milkmen in their early Restless days and they were all such great guys. Hearing this news saddens me dearly and makes me wish that I hadn't let time and space get between the last time we were all together and now.

Joe, Dean, Rodney...my condolences to you and to all of Dave's family and friends.

Dave, R.I.P.

all the best,
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