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A Legend

Postby EvilElvisChrist » Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:22 pm

I have debated with myself as to whether I should put in a few words for Dave, but I figured it will help me and everyone if I do. Dave was one of the influences that made me want to start to get into music. I heard the Dead Milkmen and instantly fell in love with them. I loved their antics and just everything about them. When it came time to choosing an instrument, it was no contest...I wanted to strum like Dave Blood. He was one of the few inteligent and giving people and he is very admirable in my eyes. When talking to a friend, I said, "perhaps he gave too much." my friend replied, "Maybe the world took too much from him." You will be sorely missed by this one small soul and many more out there. My condolences go out to his family, his friends, his bandmates, and anyone who was distraught over this traumatic event. There is no replacement for Dave Blood in this world.
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Postby modchick65 » Fri Mar 19, 2004 11:07 am

Growing up in Central Pennsylvania in the late '80s, my two friends and I were the only alterna-types in a school full of Brats In The Frat and Right Wing Pigeons. Through bands like the Cure, The Smiths, the Banshees and the Bunnymen, we elevated our youthful romantic angst to a John Hughes-ian artform, but it was the Dead Milkmen who taught us how to wickedly laugh at all of the people, situations and boredom that had previously caused us so much unhappiness.

When I moved to Philly to attend Temple University, one of these friends came down to visit me one weekend. I still remember the two of us walking down South Street in front of Zipperhead, sometime in the spring of 1990, singing "Punk Rock Girl" at the top of our lungs. Surrounded by the places in the song, it finally seemed like we had ESCAPED. To this day, this remains my absolute favorite Dead Milkmen memory. It's for this reason that, even though I still live in Philly, I don't go to South Street very much anymore as it just makes me sad. All of those great places from the era are gone - the Philly Pizza Company, Blacks clothing, Trash and Vaudeville, Veem, that amazing two-story vintage clothing store, the postcard shop at Inferno, and now the Book Trader. But with the passing of Dave Blood, it just got a whole lot sadder.

This message board is truly a testament to the number of lives Dave touched - both directly and indirectly. My deepest condolences go out to Dave's family and the band. He will be deeply missed.

Thanks for everything, Dave.
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Postby quamp » Fri Mar 19, 2004 12:01 pm

Dave really touched us all with his life.

I remember most he plays a mean game of foosball. He and Rodney were playing the Ween brothers and beat them big time if my drunken memory serves.
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Love for Dave Blood

Postby kbonner » Fri Mar 19, 2004 3:05 pm

Thank you, Dave - especially for the sneer. GRR! I didn't know you, but
you made me a happier person. You've moved on, but a bunch of us are
keeping a part of you here. we'll let go one day, too, and we'll all be
happy. Thanks, I love you.
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no way...

Postby outofstep23x » Fri Mar 19, 2004 5:40 pm

There's nothing I can say... this is really tough. I would like to express my condolances to his family and friends. I wish I had something better to say.

"And I now have nothing
But your heartbeat in my head
and a photograph of
my troubling friend
and I became nothing
when I found out you were dead
and I found out that I'd
never see you again..."
Alkaline Trio
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For the family

Postby RIHERD » Fri Mar 19, 2004 10:56 pm

I met Dave at a show in Dallas, Texas in the early 1990's. After the show, I just want to tell him thanks. I became a bass player because of his music. I wanted to let him know. I approached him after the show to let him know how he inspired me to play bass. He seemed suprised with his look and comment. He even smiled while telling me techniques to improve. I did, and went on to record as well. I keep the advice and memories. A tweny-five year old bass player being inspired by Dave. I wanted to let the family know it brought a smile to his face. I have a good memories. I just wanted to let you know even when miles away he inspired many and will be remembered.
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Thank you all so very much

Postby geekygirl » Sat Mar 20, 2004 2:04 am

I just want to tell you all who come to read here -thank you for the wonderful outpouring of thoughts,condolences, and especially the stories of encounters with my brother or just the inspiration he apparently gave to many many people.The posts are great and show how much meaning my brother's life had.
It is still quite strange for me to receive that my brother is gone. We lived far apart and did not communicate much.My Mother was the one who always kept us up to date on each other more than anything.My Mom loved her children very very much.She loved each of us for who were are uniquely and in the same that we were her children. I can say this to you all-I am glad that my Mother was already in Heaven waiting before my brother went for she could not have bore my brother taking his life.
So instead of her being left behind by him-he instead joined her and I am glad that my brother and my mother are together in Heaven.I truly believe that this life is not it-it does not just end here when our flesh ends.I definitely do not have all the answers but I do believe that every life has a purpose-and we get alot of opportunities to keep trying to get it right and do it better.
If you can do one thing to get it more right or do it better as a way not to let my brother's death be for naught-it is this:
Reach out to someone who needs to know that they really do matter.
Go out of your way to say-hey how are ya man-let me buy you some coffee and you tell me what is going on.
You could be that person in the right place at the right time to revive that person's belief that they do indeed matter.

YOu could be the one to make a difference.

As for my brother-whatever he wanted to do in this life-I guess he felt he had accomplished it.If love could have saved him he still would be with us.
That especially goes out to you "Miss J".you loved him like some people go through a lifetime wishing for.I am so glad he had you-you were the rightest thing in his life.Don't you ever not give yourself the credit you deserve for being the lovely person you are.
My brother struggled with inner strife-things he really did not talk to with anyone about those inner conflicts.Maybe its not for us to know.Maybe knowing might not have changed it.... when we go up we will have all the answers to all the questions and I am sure that my remaining family members questions will be satisfied
But don't pass up the chance that someone who may need that random act of kindness that drive-by lovin'...might not get it.
YOU be the one to give it to them.
There might not be a second chance.

Yours truly,
Kathy-not Blood-just Spirit.
Kathy F
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My Condolences

Postby toberane » Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:41 am

I just read of Dave Blood's passing in Entertainment Weekly, and I was stunned. Listening to the Dead Milkmen is one of my fondest memories of High School. In my very first band, we did a cover of "Big Time Operator" and I was hooked on the band ever since.

I saw Dave perform a couple of times here in my hometown of Springfield, MO. He always put on a heck of a show. I even have a T-Shirt he signed after one of the shows. I don't really know what else to say.

My most profound wishes and prayers go out to his friends and family. It's sad to say, but you sometimes don't realize how much someone you have never even really met or known can touch your life until something tragic like this happens. I can only imagine the pain that those close to him must be feeling, and you have my deepest regrets.

It is important that we remember him at his best, as an entertainer who inspired and influenced countless other teenagers like myself.
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Postby timar81 » Sat Mar 20, 2004 11:04 am

Truer words were never spoken. I had a friend that took her own life over 20 years ago and I still have pangs of regret that I could have done more for her even if it was just to listen. Taking the time just to listen to someone get it off their chest can have rewards beyond what you'll ever know.
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Postby croca_crola » Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:11 pm

i've been reading these posts for over a week now and they still bring a tear to my eye. even though i never knew dave personally, he, as well as the rest of the dead milkmen, has been a huge part of my life musically. i remember the first time i heard of DM. i was searching for "punk rock" in kazaa and punk rock girl was on the list. i downloaded it and was hooked. i went out and bought a DM cd the next day.

it's very sad to see such a great person disappear. i'll always remember him.

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My Condolences

Postby dimazzadj » Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:20 pm

Hello all,

I heard the news of Dave's passing from a friend last night. My condolences go out to Kathy and everyone connected to the DM. After hearing about his death, I wanted to share a story about Dave which truly depicts his great character. It's not a very long story, but it was the only experience I had of Dave Blood outside the Dead Milkmen.

I grew up loving the DM and my father was Dave's Allergy/Asthma doctor. My dad would always tell me what a pleasant guy Dave was to know. He saw my dad several times for help with his asthma. One time Dave sent my dad a postcard from when he was on tour (in Hawaii??, I'm not sure) just to say hi. When Dave learned that I was a fan of the DM he sent me a vinyl copy of Big Lizard in My Backyard and a compilation video (which was great!). I was pretty young at the time (13 or 14), but when I was older I really began to love the DM. I never saw them in concert, but I always wanted to thank Dave for his generosity. I guess this is the best time for that.

Dave will truly be missed by everyone he came in contact with, either directly or indirectly. R.I.P. Dave.

-David Juncos
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I'm sorry..

Postby Fudge_Banana_Swirl » Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:29 pm

I just have one things to say. And that is sorry.

Rest in Peace, Dave. Continue to shine from above. Thanks for all the good music,
Another Fan,
The saddest thing I ever did see, was a woodpecker pecking at a plastic tree. He looks at me and "Friend", Says he. "Things ain't as sweet as they used to be."
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Postby mikeM » Sat Mar 20, 2004 5:09 pm

I just found out what happened a few days ago, it makes me very sad.
Dave was one of my favorite bass players, and he somehow managed to teach me much of what i know about playing over the internet.

there was one question that he left unanswered though, and that was how to write the bass to a song in the same way he did. he told me that he could not answer it because that was something that i had to find out for myself. he told me that my music shouldent be writen to sound good, it should express how i feel, and if people dont hear what i hear in it, then they dont truly understand how i feel and why i wrote the song. this really has been more help to me then actual songwriting instructons could ever be, and for all of his help and support over the past onth or so, my band and i are dedicating a song to him and his memory.

you will never be forgoten dave.
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Postby Ethanandsamsdad » Sat Mar 20, 2004 7:51 pm


I sincerely hope that, somewhere, you are hanging out with Jimi Hendrix, D. Boon, and Joe Strummer, and having a ball. Miss you, old friend.
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Postby fatjellomilo » Sat Mar 20, 2004 8:45 pm

i can't say anything that hasn't already been said here....

the dead milkmen are one of my favorite bands of all time. they always make me laugh and they're just such a great band all around. hearing about dave's death through a friend in school who knows nothing about DM and just know's about em from me was a shocker. i just didin't believe him one bit, so when i got home and looked for myself here, my heart sunk when i saw dave's picture.
dave was a great bassist, and now everytime i listen to the band play, the bass really sticks out....
i just hope that the band, dave's family, and friends are doing ok....
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