FIFA urged to ensure LGBT fans safety at World Cup in Russia

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FIFA urged to ensure LGBT fans safety at World Cup in Russia

Postby BoySmile » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:20 pm

England's LGBT fans remain determined to travel to next sbobet summer's World Cup in Russia, despite warnings from an anti-discrimination group against holding hands in public.The alliance of LGBT football fans Pride In Football (PiF), who took a party of over 100 supporters to England's friendly against Germany earlier this month, has a number of members who want to go to the World Cup.PiF, who are now made up of 35 club groups along with home nations supporters, insist there is a real appetite among its members to travel to Russia but that enthusiasm is tempered by awareness of the Russian Federation's laws and attitudes.We want to go and support England at the World Cup, but there are risks, particularly as some of the host venues' regions seem to be more active in legislating against the LGBT+ community than the federation as a whole," said PiF sbobet campaign lead Joe White.A guide is set to be released by Fare - an anti-discrimination group that campaigns for equality in football - that will advise fans to be "cautious in any place which is not seen to be welcoming to the LGBT community," according to Piara Powar, Fare's executive director."If you have gay fans walking down the street holding hands, will they face danger in doing so? That depends on which city they are in and the time of day," said Powar.The guide will also include some detailed explanations of, for example, the actual situation of the LGBT community in Russia. It is not a crime to be gay but there is a law against the promotion of homosexuality to minors. Issues relating to the LGBT community are not part of the public discourse. Gay people have a place in Russia which is quite hidden and underground.The British Embassy in Moscow is encouraging England fans from all backgrounds to attend next summer's sbobet tournament and will hold talks with FIFA over issues involving discrimination towards supporters.
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