Dean Clean’s Drumsticks in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Peter Lavinger

11/15/97 – I got a package in the mail from Joe Jack today. He had collected a few letters from the DM post office box and was forwarding a few along to my attention. We don’t get much snail mail these days but he thought these should go to me. I opened one and these pictures were inside. I had forgot about sending the sticks to Peter Lavinger way back in 1990. Wow! The exhibit of his collection at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum includes my sticks!

He wasn’t allowed to include his whole collection. The Hall of Fame permitted only about half of his collection of over 1100 sticks. He got to choose who was in and who had to be left out. I made the cut. Thanks Peter!

Dean Clean's Drumsticks

The funny thing is he sent me this letter way back in February 96 but the post office didn’t get around to delivering it til May of 97 (plus Joe holding on to them for awhile!) Anyway, I called Peter up and he told me the exhibit has been extended to run through July of 1998.

Update 11/24/2000 – Emailed Peter to see what was up with his website (it’s down for now) and he tells me “My 1300+ children are still in the Hall Of Fame, (5 years and counting)…” and that “…A few months ago I got into The Guinness Book Of World
Records…I’m official!! I am now a “World Record Holder” for “The World’s Largest Collection Of Autographed Drumsticks”…” Way to go Peter!