The King In Yellow is HERE!

We’re pleased to announce the long awaited release of the new Dead Milkmen album
“The King In Yellow”. You can download the digital album here:

The Dead Milkmen
The King in Yellow

Listen & Buy

We began working on new material soon after playing the FunFunFun Festival in Austin, TX in 2008. Basic tracks were recorded in two weekend sessions in November (South Street Soundz) and December (Miner Street Studios) 2010. Returning to Miner Street in February 2011 for mixing with Brian McTear, we were able to put the final touches on the songs and ready the album for mastering and release. Nordstrom Coupon Code .

Look for The King In Yellow to be available as a CD in a month as well as through iTunes, Amazon, emusic and other outlets.

We hope to play some more shows this year in addition to the scheduled dates below. For booking information, please contact David Reckner at

Saturday April 9th, Brooklyn NY at the Warsaw. Buy Tickets Here

Saturday April 30th, Chicago IL at the Congress Theater with support from The Lawrence Arms, The Reaganomics and The Holy Mess. Buy Tickets Here

27 Responses to “The King In Yellow is HERE!”

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  2. Eric Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear it!

    Don’t forget about a vinyl release, too, please!

  3. Wayn Says:

    Great news! I’m buying it now!

  4. Michael Says:

    The album sounds great, guys. At least a dozen songs stuck in my head after several listens. I hope to see you promoting it in the southeast with some gigs soon.

  5. Salad Von Baco Says:

    Fabulous! I just downloaded it and love it. “..don’t trust the happy, the happy are insane..” so true. The world needed you guys to come back and you have..thank you.

  6. Rick Says:

    My fucking folder won’t unzip. Did this happen to anyone else?

  7. Steve Supreme Says:

    Whooooo Hoooo! I cant fucking wait! The Dead Milkmen are the best band ever and will forever be my favorite all time band. This great news has made my Year, See Ya in Chicago! Fuck Yeah!

  8. Dean Says:

    @Rick – did you manage to get it to work? I have not heard of anyone else having this issue. I bought the first copy myself (to see how the process all worked out) and didn’t have any trouble with it. (yes – you read that right – I bought my own album!!!)

  9. randy Says:

    I am having the same issue that Rick is having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this sucks! I cannot unzip without an issue…I am curious if it is a mac OS issue? Help!!!

  10. Dean Says:

    Folks who are having issues – can you contact the Nimbit folks via email and see if they can help?

  11. Pachinko Sid Says:


    Now if only this d/l would go a bit quicker!

  12. Mikey S Says:

    Will this fine piece of work be released on vinyl as well as CD?

  13. Rick Says:

    Finally got the download to work. Definitely worth the 16-year wait. Passport to Depravity kicks new kinds of ass.

  14. Mr Stinky Says:

    If they say, “Jesus Loves You” – Run away!!! I know Joe’s website said no plans to release on vinyl. I hope that changes.

  15. Steve Says:

    You guys, the new album sounds really great! It brings me back to the Beelzebubba/Metaphysical Graffiti era. It’s really solid, and you should be proud of it while the rest of us are psyched that you’re back!

  16. Steve Supreme Says:

    U guys should do a show in Detroit!

  17. Ty Haas Says:

    VINYL please…why bother with a CD if you have a digital album available? Serioulsy, vinyl, please.

  18. randy Says:


  19. Aric Says:

    philly or northern delaware gig please!

    i am in the middle of my first listen to the new album as i write this! love it so far!

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  21. Dead Milkmen released an LP & play NYC Saturday (win tix) ++ Joe Jack Talcum shows, Xaddax and… 25 Cromwell Street ‹ Independent Artist Awards Says:

    [...] Dead Milkmen recently dropped their first LP in 16 years, The King In Yellow… “We began working on new material soon [...]

  22. Attaboy Says:

    my heros! Bucky Fellini mammas.
    congrats on the new album, i dont get Norah Jones either.
    this is your best album since Belzebubba.
    and even Joe professes his love for certain geek Squad dudes.
    With a tiny touch of Burn Witch, and the best elements of Metaphysical, Soul Rotation, too?
    right on.
    My favorites thus far: Caitlin Childs, Fauxhemia, She’s Affected, William Bloat, Meaningless
    Only the Milkmen can create such a mix, and that’s why you rawk.

  23. JVS Says:

    Amazing album. So many catchy tunes. The long wait was totally worth it, I hope there is more to come. Keep it up!

  24. J.D. Says:

    everybody in the “scene” should listen to this album and really take it to heart. you guys are righteous, self-aware, goon-clobbering, sincereness-giants.

  25. J.D. Says:

    …and you can really play good too!

  26. Ed Says:

    Could you, like, do a show in the Carolinas? That would be totally awesome.

  27. Semen Says:

    Cool. Look forward to get to know this album.

    What about doing a rerelease of metaphysical graffiti, soul rotation and not richard but dick as well? These are quite hard to get.

    And a tour in Europe would be much appreciated.