Dead Milkmen Will Play Fun Fun Fun Festival

Dead Milkmen at the Fun Fun Fun Festival!
Dead Milkmen Will Play Fun Fun Fun Festival!

The DM have decided to reunite and play the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin Texas on the weekend of November 8-9, 2008. We’ll have Danny Stevens on bass again. Rehearsals have started and are going well. Check the festival website for updates and details. Based on what we’ve heard this is a great festival.

We had been approached back in January and Graham the promoter was persistent, even going as far as asking our producer Brian Beattie from Glass Eye to try to convince us to play. Turns out Graham was one of the kids who sang at the beginning of Beige Sunshine when we recorded Metaphysical Graffiti, one of the three records we did in Austin all those years ago. We loved Austin and decided what the heck – should be fun. Hope to see some of you there.

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In Other News
Out now: Joe has a split LP vinyl album with Mischief Brew! It is titled “Photographs From the Shoebox”. 500 copies were pressed on gray vinyl. Order your copy today from The 7 tracks that Joe recorded include two with me (Dean) on drums.

Joe’s also been busy playing solo shows and has a few coming up:
Friday, October 24 @ Green Line Cafe, 45th and Locust St, , Philadelphia PA * 7 PM * All Ages

We were interviewed recently by WPRB DJ Maria T and got to talk about the upcoming shows.
Take a listen:
When: Friday, October 3rd, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. ET
Where: WPRB 103.3 FM or
What: New interviews with the Dead Milkmen and Stereolab.

The show will be archived as a podcast on Pop Recon’s WPRB page:

27 Responses to “Dead Milkmen Will Play Fun Fun Fun Festival”

  1. B Says:

    Ahhhhh! I can’t make it to Austin and have dreamed of seeing you guys play since I was 13. Please play in NY! And stay together for ever and ever!

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  3. mario Says:

    like wowo man im all ways way too late to hear about all the cool shit that goes down.bummer i couldve gone too this showw I know it ROCKKED .but seeing as its september sumthin or other i guess its too late .come and play LOS ANGELES you could stay in my apartment , and sllep in my tent ,my granny loves you guys.

  4. mario Says:

    like wow man im all ways way too late to hear about all the cool shit that goes down.bummer i couldve gone too this showw I know it ROCKKED .but seeing as its september sumthin or other i guess its too late .come and play LOS ANGELES you could stay in my apartment , and sllep in my tent ,my granny loves you guys. im not sure if this comment posted on account of me mispelling my e mail adress

  5. Nick Says:

    Mario, it’s not until November, but the question is… will The Dead Milkmen be playing in Philadelphia in October?! If so I’m going to see them, I am so obssessed with these guys…. this should be the biggest buzz on the internet right now! This is even better than the Boomtown Rats and Bad Brains getting back together.

  6. Rob Says:

    This is great news. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend. Please stay together and play on The East Coast if you have the tme!

  7. Rolando Garza Says:

    last month four of my friends had birthdays. none of them had heard of the dead milkmen. i gave them all a copy of beelzebubba. got mixed reviews, but i do not care, because i love the dead milkmen

    i will be in austin to see the show with my friend dave, who was the first person to play some dead milken for me

    dave knows, he has the knowledge, he has a collection of every phamplet that ever came out of pueblo colorodo. yep. the knowledge. should be a title to a song

  8. Gregory Schoonmaker Says:

    Oh my fucking god. I heard about how I was going into debt today; my buddy Brain said to me “so there’s this fun fun fun festival and the dead milkmen are playing” and I said “what what what festival?!!!” That’s when I nearly fell over in the comic book store.
    I am so excited I don’t even know what to do with myself. I first got a copy of Beelzebubba when I was 13 years old, too young to see the Milkmen live. When I bought this tape I was at a used items store and knew nothing of what I was getting into. At the time I listened to Def Leopard or Guns & Roses Cinderella etc. Beelzebubba saved me, I am a better person today because I found this album which was probably the most important piece of music in my musical growth. November can not come soon enough.

  9. Rolando Garza Says:

    did i mention that if you were to put dark glasses on dave that he would look like jim jones. he looks like jim jones alright

    when dave went from mohawk to shaved head people thought he was dying
    that was when he was most alive

    people would see him in the stores and reach for their children

    one year, he placed a sign outside his house during holloween saying “We Poison Kids” spelled with only one “d”

    good ol dave

    once, a local drunk, “the shadow boxer” quesioned his choice of alcohol, “King Kobra” (which dave later drank hot)

    the shadow boxer , looked at the King Kobra Dave put on the counter (which was also being bought for underage kids) with a look of dismay and sadness
    he suggested “at least Falstaff, buey”

  10. Lisa Valencia Says:

    My husband and I will be coming out to Austin from Denver, Co. Haven’t seen the guys since the early 90′s! I was at all of the shows at the Gothic Theater…..even the one where some kid dove off of the stage and fell flat on the ground (on his head). Paramedics came. Love you guys.

  11. D.R. Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Wish I could be there. Hope you will play some shows elsewhere as well. Thank you.

  12. Make Major Moves » Blog Archive » WPRB’s Pop Recon Back After Short Hiatus With Philly Legends Says:

    [...] made it’s return last Friday with a bang interviewing Philly legends of punk-comedy gold Dead Milkmen. (And Stereolab too.) If you missed the show it’s now available as a podcast here. [...]

  13. Nick Says:

    Nooooooo! Please tell me you have a couple of tickets put back for your biggest fans like me!!!? I can’t make it to your show in Austin and I need to see you guys…. if noone sells their ticket on ticketmaster or anything, I’m going to die

  14. Josh Says:

    Good luck from Wagontown.

  15. Josh G. Says:

    Ugh I never thought the Philly show would be before the Texas show, I checked today and it’s sold out. I guess it was never meant to be… :(

  16. alexandra Says:

    I both love you for playing a show and hate you for playing far away in Austin.
    Come to NYC! Please please please. You can stay at my apartment and I will bake you brownies if that’s what it will take to get you here.

  17. Pam Says:

    COME TO BALTIMORE!!!!!!!!!!

    Been listening for nearly 20 years. Favorite song is “Bitchin Camero”

  18. Castlebrownskull Says:

    I just found out about you guys reforming to play the fun fun fun fest. Sadly i can not make it due to finances. I’ve been a big fan since elementary school and still am now even as a grown ass man. I have always regretted never being able to see you guys. I would hope you would consider doing some more dates.

  19. Grace Decker Says:

    i love your guy’s band it is my favorite! i really wish that i could come see you but i can’t! :( come to San Diego!!! dave blood was one of the two atrists that inspiered me to play bass! my favorite song is ask me to dance, play it for me!

  20. aric pringle Says:

    well, you guys ought to know by now how much i love you and how much you have done for me through your music. i just cant put into words… in 1987 i was a scared shittless little 15 year old nerd, and when i heard bucki, the message i heard was, be a scared shittless little 15 year old nerd all you want, and be HAPPY too.

    i hope you guys will do a few more shows… i missed the unitarian church show, (saw subhumans there awhile back, … primo!) anyways, please please please play again!

    so what do you guys think? i am convinced this country is on its way out… (i especially want to know what rodney thinks… i have not been to his site in awhile… i should check it some time)


  21. Gareth Says:

    I’m coming all the way from Australia to see this show in texas. Its going to be sweeet!

  22. Rolando Garza Says:

    the show in austin was awesome

    it would be horrible for it to end there

    i would travel anywhere to see another show

  23. Nick H Says:

    Great show at Fun Fun Fun Fest…..and the Sarah Palin jokes too!

  24. Lisa Valencia Says:

    Great show guys! Your music means more to me as the years wear on. I even got to say hello to Joe at the Fun Fest (while he was watching the Adolescents play). I just wanted to hug him….but I restrained myself….didn’t want to freak him out or anything! Please visit Denver! I promise that I will keep my hands to myself:)

  25. Brice from Lincoln, NE Says:

    I’m so, so sad I was unable to get vacation time to get down to Austin… Guys, please play the midwest. I’m sure there are some great reunion opportunities in Lincoln, Omaha, Council Bluffs, Kansas City… somewhere!!!! How about I’ll throw a big party and you guys come down. Maybe I need to get married – would you play a high-profile wedding for the right price?

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