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September 2016 / No. 69

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Laurel Hill Cemetery Show 9-30-16

Back Into the Graveyard!

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Phila., PA - Friday, September 30th - SOLD OUT!

We'll be returning to play the Laurel Hill Cemetery on Friday, September 30 at 7:00pm (with a prescheduled rain date of Saturday, October 1 at 7:00pm). We had a blast two years ago and hope to do it all again even better. We'll be joined by our friends Live Not On Evil and F Woods and the Surviving Members.

Don't wait - get tickets now as this one is selling fast. SOLD OUT! Bring your own blankets, beach chairs and/or picnics.

Gates open at 6:00pm. Ticket holders can check in at Laurel Hill Cemetery's Gatehouse entrance, 3822 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132. Free parking is located in the lot directly across the street from the Gatehouse.

Sound On Sound Festival at The Renaissance Faire!?!

SOS Festival, Austin TX - Saturday, November 5th - TICKETS

Sound On Sound Festival - Nov. 5th

What? A music festival held at a medieval renaissance faire site? Jousting is a real possibility? Join us in Texas for the new Sound On Sound Festival being held just outside of Austin. We're on Saturday November 5th. Help us defend the Dead Milkmen kingdom from the evil indie-rock infidels!

Based in Central Texas, the Sound On Sound festival is managed, designed, and booked by a close knit circle of friends from various corners of the music and creative world, with over 20 years of booking, festival, and production experience. (AKA the fine folks behind the awesome Fun, Fun, Fun Festival).

Joe Jack Talcum: The National 4-Track Compilation

The National 4-Track Compilation

A new Joe Jack Talcum home recording is being released on the National 4-Track Compilation this September on Sump Pump Records. You can pre-order it now on limited edition vinyl.

This compilation features 12 exclusive 4 Track Recordings by members of Calexico, Neva Dinova, Minutemen/fIREHOSE, Flat Duo Jets, The Hollowmen, Pernice Brothers/New Radiant Storm King, Silkworm/Bottomless Pit, The Dead Milkmen, Nothing Painted Blue/The Human Hearts, Black Heart Procession/Three Mile Pilot and more.

Rodney Anonymous

Dance to Ambassador21: Three things (A band, a game, and a website) that you should check out.

Since the very first Dead Milkmen album, which I think was called Frampton Comes on Your Breakfast or had something to do with a lizard, we've been dropping the names of underground artists into our songs. F.O.D. turned up in "Nutrition". Jon Wurster makes an appearance in "Stuart". And there's a small chance that your ears might've picked out Mojo Nixon's name in a rare deep-cut track called either "Punk Rock Girl" or "Frampton Comes on Your Breakfast Again (Damn you, Frampton Mix)". Basically we're saying "Hey, check out these musicians; they're weirdoes too! There are more people out there like all of us! We're not alone!"

And it's worked. People used to come up to us at shows and say "Hey, because of you guys I checked out Husker Du and the Butthole Surfers...also Peter Frampton did something really nasty to my Corn Flakes."

And we're still dropping the names of artists into our songs. In fact, there's a song on our latest album, Pretty Music for Peter Frampton, called "Make It Witchey" that contains the line "Dance to Ambassador21". So, who are Ambassador21? (And who the shit is Kingsley Zissou?) I'm glad you asked.

Ambassador21 are an industrial hardcore duo from Minsk in Belarus. So, the next time someone asks you to name your favorite Belarus industrial hardcore duo, you'll be able to answer "Ambassador21!" with the sort of confidence that gets people laid. The lyrics to their songs tend to be very political and very, very angry. As they say about their latest single, "Revelation", "a melodic heavy industrial track with tribal beats, provocative lyrics in Russian and English and a clear message to any religious bigots "'your god is dead, go fuck yourself!'" So, yeah, Ambassador21 won't be popping up on the Jimmy Fallon Show or opening for Peter Frampton anytime soon. And you're sure-as-shittin' not going to be hearing them on your local Alt-Rock station any time between now and, say, when the sun dies. But you know about them now, and that's something. Large movements often start with just a few people. Shit, Luther! Donald Trump started out with just two followers - a man and his wife and sister.

Speaking of Donald Trump, the fact that, out of a country of 300 million people, he and Hillary Clinton are the two that we've chosen to be the major candidates has caused me to lately retreat into a much saner world. A world where reanimated hookers fight steam-powered robots and where child's daydreams rip heavily-armed men apart. A world called Malifaux.

If you grew up in the late '70's/early '80's, or if you been watching Stranger Things (Hey, Netflix! Make with Season 3 of Penny Dreadful, already! your god is dead, go fuck yourself!) then you're probably familiar with Dungeons & Dragons. Well, Malifaux is sort of like D&D's estranged coke-snorting tattoo-covered cousin. It's not so much a role-playing game as it is a wargame, but it's a Horror/Sci-Fi/Steampunk/Victorian/Western wargame, so that makes it OK. This article serves as a much better introduction.

While you're reading that piece about Malifaux, do yourself a huge favor and check out the rest of the articles on Dirge Magazine.

Dirge Magazine is one of those rare websites that you can get lost in. You start off reading an article about wide-spread panic; when you finish that, there's a piece about dark ambient music you gotta read; then you find yourself reading about the history of Lesbian vampires because ... um, Lesbian vampires. Needless to say, Dirge Mag is NSFW.

Well, those were my three reconditions. Until we meet again, may Peter Frampton let you eat breakfast in peace.

...and listen to my radio show, damn it!

Deliberating Dandrew


I am doing my best, in my own peculiar way. This past year has been kinda rough, but definitely educational. Moving out of the house we lived in for four years and then taking on several new jobs has been stressful, but things are actually better now for my family and me than they've ever been. Currently I am:

Earlier this year I was teaching a music class on Tuesdays & Thursdays (which, incidentally, are our nights for Dead Milkmen practice), and in March I spent ten days doing construction in Haiti. Needless to say I have been (and still am) quite busy. I don't even actually have the time to finish writing th

Jack Talcum's CORNER


Sorry, dear readers, if I seem a bit antsy lately. I just moved and am adjusting to my new abode. The house is large and comfortable though there are some kinks to be be worked out. For example, whenever I shower or flush the toilet, water rains into the dining room. Needless to say I've been taking my meals in the kitchen. The kitchen, I must admit, is infested with ants. But I'm learning to live with them. After a little research I learned that these ants, which are a type of common house ant, pose no real health threat. (Had they been carpenter ants, I would have been worried. They can eat away at the foundation of the house.)

In fact, I find that letting the ants do their thing saves me the trouble of cleaning the floor. They take care of all the crumbs and spills. They're like nature's Swiffer! After becoming fascinated with the way they work in tandem to break down and carry off bits of crackers and cat food, I decided to do a little more research, and boy oh boy, ants are nothing short of fascinating.

You probably don't want ants crawling on the food you are going to eat because they're constantly pooping. Granted, their poop cannot be seen without a microscope, but still. So, I keep my own food sealed up. As long as they keep to the floor (and don't crawl up my legs to nip at me) these ants may do as they please. Believe it or not, to people in some cultures (not mine) ants ARE food. (I have no idea how they're harvested or prepared. I'll save that topic for another Corner.)

Ants are pretty much a worldwide insect. They can be found naturally in every continent except, ironically enough, Antarctica. The ants that you see scurrying about are most likely sterile female ants. They're the workers. If you see an ant with wings it is most likely a male ant, unless it is larger than all the other other ants in which case it is a virgin, fertile female ant, which is also known as a queen ant. The queen ants pretty much control the colony by way of reproduction. Most ant colonies have only one.

Male ants (also known as drones) are not the workers. They typically sit around and eat and then fly away when they're ready to find virgin winged female ants to mate with. The virgin winged females also will take to the sky, flying far enough away to avoid inbreeding. Some species will have intercourse while in flight though many, like civilized beings, wait until they land. At any rate, the male ant mounts the female. His minuscule ant dick explodes inside her, and by that I mean he has no genitalia when he dismounts. (Ouch!) He will wander off and soon die, usually in solitude. But the sperm he deposited into the female ant can last a long time (up to 20 years in some species) and thus he can potentially father millions of ants!

The winged female might mate with more ants before she is finished, which brings into question who is the real father of her babies, but I suppose that is not much of an issue when all of the fathers are dead anyway. But once her mating session is done, she sheds her wings and she, too, is usually through with sex. (There are cases where a drone will invade an established colony to mate with the queen, but let's not get into that.) The mated queen's first job is to start a new colony and lay eggs. She can live a long life if she is careful, though, and throughout her life she will use her stored sperm to fertilize her eggs to become female ants. (Her unfertilized eggs become male ants.) Most of her eggs will be females which she will purposely make infertile. They'll be her workers. If she is lucky, and chooses a safe nesting spot, she will survive to raise the first batch of eggs on her own. After that, she will be a true queen and let the workers do everything except laying eggs.

The female worker ants start their lives working in the nest doing chores such as nursing the larvae (baby ants) or maintaining the nest. Toward the end of their lives they are sent out to forage and gather food. The foraging ants leave off scents that signal other ants back home if food is found, or if they are being attacked, so that appropriate help is dispatched. These scents also act as a sort of breadcrumb trail. Very clever!

You might be thinking to yourself, what purpose in the larger picture of nature, do all these ants serve? Well, they can be food to other insects and animals (even people) for one. They also help to aerate soil which helps growth of vegetation. And they can control pests as some species of ants attack and eat pest insects and rodents. They can even help to heal wounds as most of you survivalists probably already know. So, you see, this is why I take the live and let live approach with ants.

Watch Full Documentary of Pretty Music Track Recording!

Last year's release of Pretty Music For Pretty People saw the release of a video for the title song off the album. The song video gave you a glimpse into the recording process to create the track. Now, one year later, we're releasing the long-form, in-the-studio video that director Brian Siano put together that documents the complete tracking and final mixing of the song.

Pretty Music For Pretty People

"Pretty Music For Pretty People"

October 7, 2014 marked the official release of the current Dead Milkmen album "Pretty Music For Pretty People". Reception from the public and press has been great! You can order the album online from our own website shop or from other outlets such as Amazon, or iTunes. The SPECIAL vinyl version is now SOLD OUT.

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