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Back To School Issue!

September 2017 / No. 70

Gimme your lunch money!


Trocadero Show 10-28-17

Fall 2017 Shows!

We're headed out to play some shows this fall. First up is a little trip to Western PA and Ohio.

SEPT 15 - The Grog Shop, Cleveland OH - SOLD OUT

SEPT 16 - Jergels, Warrendale, PA - SOLD OUT

SEPT 17 - Ace of Cups, Columbus, OH - SOLD OUT

Then in October we're playing an ALL AGES hometown show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. This will be a record release and our annual Halloween show rolled into one! Opening the show will be Philly's Green Meteor and Median.

OCT 28 - Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA - TICKETS

But the new Dead Milkmen EP - Welcome to the End of the World

NEW EP: Welcome to the End of the World

Our new EP "Welcome to the End of the World" is due out October 2017. You can pre-order the vinyl NOW and get a download of the first single "Only the Dead Get Off at Kymlinge"!

We're working with a brand new Philadelphia based label called The Giving Groove. They have a great charitable model where 50% of all after-tax profits is paid directly to the artist; the remaining 50% is contributed to a music-related non-profit that the label works alongside the artist on selecting. 50% of the after-tax profits for our release will be donated to Girls Rock Philly.


Rodney has been hard at work rehearsing and building a wall of synthesizers for his first ever SOLO SHOW! DON'T MISS THIS!

SEPT 7 - Bar XIII, Wilmington DE - opening for Stoneburner - 21+ - INFO

SEPT 8 - Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia - Rodney will be hosting Cinema in the Cemetery: "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" - INFO

OCT 15 - PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia PA - opening for Adi Newton (CLOCK DVA/TAGC) & Void Vision - INFO

And in December, he'll be playing keys at shows in St. Louis and Chicago with Velvet Acid Christ. More details to come.


Danjo... DANJO!?!
Dan & Joe Tour Australia!!!

How this came to be is a long story involving lawsuits, statutes of limitations, and some expired Vegemite, but it seems that one half of the Dead Milkmen will be touring the "land down under" in November of 2017.

Joe Jack Talcum and Dandrew will be performing tunes from the Dead Milkmen oeuvre to adoring dingoes and sheilas in the land of OZ. Err...something like that.

NOV 10 - Crown and Anchor, Adelaide, SA, AU - TICKETS

NOV 11 - The Barwon Club Hotel, South Geelong, VIC, AU - SOLD OUT

NOV 11 - The Tote, Melbourne, VIC, AU - TICKETS

NOV 12 - Marrickville Bowling Club, Marrickville, NSW, AU - TICKETS

NOV 14 - Currumbin Pub, Currumbin, QLD, AU - TICKETS

NOV 15 - Crowbar, Brisbane, QLD, AU - TICKETS


Joe has a solo show in October:

OCT 13 - The Well, Brooklyn NY - with Runny, The Minutes (record release), Hekla, and Regressives - INFO

Rodney Anonymous

Seb Gorka's Reviews

Seb Gorka is a white supremacist

Rodney Anonymous is on assignment. Covering for him (and for the misdeeds of many) is the former assistant White Supremacist to the President, Seb Gorka.

Gear: The Korg Volca Sample and the Korg Volca FM

The Korg Volca Sample and the Korg Volca FM

First, let me say that I really enjoyed the Volca Sample. Not quite as much as I enjoyed getting funky to the kick-ass beats of 3 Doors Down at the Inaugural Ball while wearing the uniform of Vitézi Rend - an organization which collaborated with the Nazis during WWII - but I really did enjoy it.

Usually, I don't go in for these sample-machines, but there was something about the look of this device - the PURE WHITE EXTERIOR, perhaps - which instantly drew me to it. In the few past weeks, I have moved my collection of the sounds of stomping boots - which I find quite soothing - onto this little box.

Clearly inferior to the Volca Sample is the Volca FM. I found its black exterior to be unappealing. Also, I could never wrap my head around the concept of FM synthesis in much the same way that Quantum Physics - also known as "Jewish Physics" - always left me cold. Perhaps FM synthesis is "Jewish Synthesis"? I'll ask Jeff Sessions and get right back to you.

Kayaks on the Rhine! I just noticed that the Volca FM is situated above the Volca Sample in the accompanying photo. This is not the natural order of things! Mommy! Make it stop!

Movies: Get Out

Film Review: Get Our

To me, there is nothing more courageous than ein film which dares to tackle the issue of Race. This is NOT that film.

Remember classic movies like Birth of a Nation, Song of the South, and The Jew Who Dared to Look at My Daughter? Now THOSE films knew how to tackle the subject of Race. Well, let me tell you, Get Out is a horse of different color.

Unfortunately, this movie never lives up to the promise of its title. I mean, when I found out it was called "Get Out" and it was about African-Americans I just assumed...well, you do the math.

Maybe I've just come to expect too much from modern cinema? But is it wrong to pine for the days when the entire family would gather together in the der livingzimmer to watch Triumph of the Will? That's a rhetorical question. You don't need to answer that.

Please join me next time for my take on modern fashion: "Armbands are NEVER out of style"

Seb Gorka lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Katherine, who just killed a $400,000 grant to Life After Hate, an organization which helps people leave White Supremacist groups.

Deliberating Dandrew

Please Wait...

Dandrew is currently taking an extended moment for silent contemplation and therefore has nothing to contribute to this, the most recent DM Newzletter. He would like you all to know, however, that in between working, fathering, and husbanding he has been steadily working on his recently-untitled "solo effort." Stay tuned for more details.

Jack Talcum's CORNER


As great a man as I am or may become, I don't ever want a statue made of me. Though I doubt there would be any "me" to care about this after I'm dead and gone, the me of right now would be heartbroken if my stone likeness somehow became a beloved symbol for some type of, say, deranged cult of gay supremacists a couple centuries from now. You never know how the winds of history will blow.

With the possible exception of The Supremes, I distrust any organization that declares themselves to be the best at anything. The judgement of "best" is best left to outsiders. Otherwise it just seems like boastful marketing, like pizza joints with the motto "you've tried the rest, now try the best." For one thing, how do they know I've already tried the rest? If they really had the best pizza I would likely have heard about it from others, like on Yelp, and it would be among the first I'd try.

Perhaps the pizza place won a "Best Of" award from a local paper, based on a reader poll. That's something to be proud of, but still it's a collective opinion and it might not be my own. I might like some other pizza place better. Or maybe I did like the "best" one but grew tired of it and want something different. Or, maybe the place that everyone now thinks is "best" planted rumors about the other pizza places - the Peking Pizza Parlor actually uses alley cat meat for its Kung Pao Pie - the Italian shop is run by the Mob - maybe they paid a disgruntled employee to sabotage dough for the pies of another competitor with Ex-Lax or something.

I feel lucky to live in a town large and varied enough to support several kinds of pizza shop. I don't have to settle for bland corporate pies or odd gourmet concoctions. My current fave is an Italian spot with an oven that is neither wood nor coal fired, just plain old fashioned electric, producing pizzas with thin flimsy crust and greasy stringy cheese. There are no "best of" awards on the walls. However, there are three statues in the back of the rarely used dining area: a mini replica of Michelangelo's David flanked by two partially naked women statues which I suspect are replicas of other Italian works of art. I'm surprised that no local league of decency has made a fuss about these marbled depictions of foreskin and breasts. Perhaps its just a matter of time.

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