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June 2015 / No. 64

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More Milkmen Tour Dates!

Denver Riot Festival Lineup

After a successful trip to the West coast and to Atlanta and Birmingham in the South, the band is getting ready to play several festivals and select cities this summer and early fall. Dates and ticket links are shown below.


7/3 - Crash Bang Boom 10th Anniversary - Philadelphia, PA - Free Acoustic Set!
7/18 - Timber! Music Festival - Carnation, WA - TICKETS
7/25 - The 9:30 Club - Washington DC - TICKETS


8/29 - Riot Festival - Denver, CO - TICKETS


9/12 - Riot Festival - Chicago, IL - TICKETS
9/19 - Riot Festival - Toronto, ON - TICKETS


10/17 - The Sinclair - Boston, MA - TICKETS

P.S. Checkout some photos and show reviews from the Spring tour here:
Photos: Troubadour 1
Photos: Troubadour 2
Photos: Troubadour 3
The Dead Milkmen Brought a Second Wind to Shaky Knees

Rodney and the Thrill Kale Kult!

Rodney Tours With "Thrill Kale Kult"!

Rodney will be traveling in early June with the "Thrill Kale Kult"...with Angelspit (Milwaukee only), Caustic, Mindless Faith, Ego Likeness, Stoneburner, and the Gothsicles (Milwaukee only).
6/12 - Miramar Theater - Milwaukee, WI - DETAILS
6/13 - Cap & Fastbacks Bar & Grill - Cleveland, OH - DETAILS
6/14 - Thunderbird Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA - DETAILS

Rodney and the Thrill Kale Kult!

Joe Jack Hits the Road Again!

Joe says: My next little tour happens this month, with a set of acoustic shows in my neck of the woods with Scott Reynolds (of ALL and The Pavers fame) and Toy Cannons. Here are the dates:
6/12 - Siren Records, 25 E State Street, Doyleston PA - 7:30 PM - FREE Admission - All Ages!
6/13 - Don Pedros, 90 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11206 - 7 PM
6/19 - Melodies Cafe, 2 East Lancaster Ave, Ardmore PA 19003 - 8 PM - $8 or $10 - All Ages!
6/20 - Fulton Street Arts CoOp, 321 E Fulton St, Lancaster PA 17602 - 6 PM - All Ages!

New Song Released on Shaking Through Video Series!

Back in January of 2015 we had the pleasure of going into Miner Street Studio here in Philadelphia to participate in the Spring season of the Shaking Through video series. We recorded a new song called "The Prisoner's Cinema" and you can check out the making of videos, listen to and download the track for free! PLUS - you can download all the stems, raw tracks, and drum samples that members (paid and free) can remix and share back on the site. Check out the other videos in the series to hear lots of great tracks and support the greater music community.

Augmenta Memoria EP by Dean Sabatino

Dean Releases Solo EP

Milkmen drummer Dean Clean has just released his 3rd collection of mostly electronic ambient minimalist recordings under his own name. Dean says: "Support The Arts For Less Than a Latte!™ ...or in other words, my new EP is now available for just $3 dollars."

Augmenta Memoria contains four tracks of ambient electronic minimalist music. Listen in the car on a highway drive, or while walking in the woods. Try turning off all the lights and listening in a dark house at one in the morning. Put some nice headphones on and immerse yourself in these sounds.

BuzzFeed Publishes 9 True Facts About The Dead Milkmen


A recent story on the popular website BuzzFeed exposed 9 Totally True Facts About The Dead Milkmen. Read up and judge for yourself.

In The Pocket Band Covers Punk Rock Girl!

Back in March some Philly rock all-stars covered Punk Rock Girl. The David Uosikkinen's (the Hooter's Drummer!) "In The Pocket" band has been covering "essential" Philly songs for a few years and they decided to include Punk Rock Girl. They did a great job!

Pretty Music For Pretty People

"Pretty Music For Pretty People"

October 7, 2014 marked the official release of the new Dead Milkmen album "Pretty Music For Pretty People". Reception from the public and press has been great! You can order the album online from our own website shop or from other outlets such as Amazon, or iTunes. The SPECIAL vinyl version is now SOLD OUT.

Rodney Anonymous


People often ask me about my approach to songwriting. OK, technically, people often ask me why Joe Jack doesn't sing more songs, but I say "When life hands you lemons, sell them at an inflated price to one of those charity lemonade stands for orphans with cancer." And when someone asks me about another band member, I just talk about myself until they go away. Where was I? Oh, yes! Songwriting.

Mr. T Pity The Fool

For me, and I'm speaking for myself, in the first person in a narrative way, songwriting is basically 30% sitting down at the keyboards and 70% filling my head with weird shit. I write a lot of songs, ergo my head is crammed full of weird shit. When I close my eyes I see the Zapruder film, only instead of JFK it's Mr. T. in that limo.

Jackie is played by Divine.

Needless to say, it's taken a great deal of work to be this screwed up. When I was younger, I used drugs to alter my brain, but those will only make you mildly weird. Fortunately, I've discovered television (although Wikipedia claims it was some guy named Philo T. Farnsworth). No, I'm not talking about Modern Family/Full House/Gilmore Girls television. I'm talking about "cult" television. I'm talking about TV shows so painfully unwatchable that you have to wonder if they were part of some cruel government experiment. In short, I'm talking about UFO.


For the luckily uninitiated, UFO is a British television series which ran from September of 1970 until July of 1971 on whatever English people watch TV shows on (I'm guessing it's their toasters). But for those of us who've actually stared into the eyes of the Mad King and lived to talk about it, UFO is the Navy SEAL Survival School of Cult TV.

First of all, UFO takes place in the future world of 1980 as imagined by people living in 1970 (as does the next Dead Milkmen album. Sorry about ruining the surprise for you). This is the 1980 I wish I'd experienced (And I lost my virginity in 1980, again, according to Wikipedia. So that's really saying something). Sure this alternative future Earth is occasional attack by organ-harvesting cat-mind-controlling aliens who didn't pass their auditions for Kraftwerk, but they only attack in groups of three - max! - and they never try the same plan twice ( "Oh no, the Earthlings totally foiled our plan to land under the cover of sunset. We'd better not attempt THAT again"), but everyone lives in racial harmony ("That whole Black/White thing burned itself out five years ago"), drives a cool gull-wing car, smokes like a chimney, drinks like Amy Winehouse, and either is or knows a Moon-Babe.

Moon Babe

The plotlines for each episode of UFO run the gamut from bizarrely mundane to mundanely bizarre. There are two, yes TWO, episodes which revolve around budget battles. I shit thee not. In one of these nail-biters (if you're an accountant) Col. Ed Straker (Don't ask) the head of SHADOW (Don't ask) wastes 60 minutes of television time and our lives trying to scrape up the princely sum of $50k. These episodes are balanced by two of the goddamn strangest episodes in the history of television. In the first, Col. Straker is drugged by the aliens ("No, officer. I swear it was aliens"). Col. Straker has been operating under the cover of the head of a movie studio, so the drug makes him think that he's in a world where he actually is the head of movie studio. What makes this episode so brilliant is the scene in which a director parks his gull-wing car, struts into Staker's office, pours himself a drink, lights up a smoke, and, while thinking about his date with a Moon-Babe, starts complaining about the crappy Sci-Fi show he's working on. "The plots are ridiculous and the special effects are terrible."

The other must-see episode is one in which the aliens freeze time...badly. By "badly" I mean that...well, there's this bird that's supposed to be frozen in mid-flight, but it's clearly dead and Stevie Wonder could spot the wire it's suspended on. But what makes this episode mandatory viewing is the return of the red leather dress. In an earlier episode, there was an actress wearing a low-cut red leather dress. There must've been a "My eyes are up here" moment because that same dress makes an appearance in the episode in which time freezes (badly), giving us this unforgettable (Trust me; I've tried) moment...

Dear God

Now, at this point you might be asking "Wait a minute! If you're sitting around the house, drinking, watching UFO on Hulu, and trying to talk your wife into dressing like a Moon-Babe, when do you find the time to write songs?" The trick is to make the time. But I can't do, so I just "borrow" from other artists. If you think that the main keyboard riff sounded remarkably like a mix of Velvet Acid Christ's "Dire" and Dead When I found Her's "No More Nightmares" you've grasped the key to songwriting. As a reward, I give you GHXST with "Black Camaro"

Dandrew Has Something To Say

My Old School

I just passed my old high school and realized that in the 18 years since I graduated I have only been back there once and it was to steal a bunch of books from the English department storage room. It wasn't the only high school that day; we also hit his and one that neither of us went to. In that one we also managed to leave with an old 60's Supro amp from the gym teacher's office. We used that amp when we had band practice in the abandoned hotel that somehow, miraculously had power in the basement. Upstairs we had found a fire alarm bell on the floor and gave it to the (only) drummer that answered the ridiculous ad at the music store. I think he may have been in the backseat when we chucked that big juice can through the police car window. Or was it a bowling ball...

Later, it dawns on me that it was actually 20 years ago I co-authored a newsletter that got three of us a ten-day out-of-school suspension and several death threats from kids for "defaming the school." Come to think of it, this is perhaps why I have never been invited to a reunion. I didn't do drugs, kids, so I had to do something. My art teacher married Dean Ween and my class' president was later arrested for breaking into a woman's house and attempting to seduce her. And the sport team was (and I believe at time of press still is) called The Redskins. Out of 666+ kids in my graduating class I regularly talk to one of them, and they are awesome. You know, I really shouldn't drive this way when I go to see my folks.

Jack Talcum's CORNER


I've never been camping. Most people are surprised by that fact. But it's true. (Sleeping in a tent in the backyard does not count.) I was never a Boy Scout, a Cub Scout, or any kind of scout for that matter. I was never sent to summer camp and I never asked to be sent.

I know by watching movies that camping is risky business. People in films who go camping have wound up getting sodomized by rednecks, or abducted by aliens, or mauled by bears, or slashed to death by some maniac camp director, or, even worse, ridiculed. Hence, when the Dead Milkmen play the Timber Fest this July, out in the wilderness of Washington state, I will be opting out of the camping experience. I'll leave the tent pitching, sleeping bags and bug sprays to others. Just give me a safe hotel room with air conditioning, a bed and shower, thanks.

I do think it's great that other people go camping, though. I can see why someone might want to "get back to nature" for just a few days, regardless of the risks. A night in the woods with a loved one, gazing up at the universe does have a faint romantic appeal. Cooking the freshly hand-made-spear caught fish in a fire you made of gathered branches and kindling does sound like a fun way to reconnect with nature and develop survivor skills which will no doubt come in handy in the end times that are due to start any minute. Dining on grubs, insects and foraged fungi could be an enticing way to expand one's gastronomy. But, no. I'll pass for now.

One thing I don't quite get, though, is why someone would want to go camping in the rural splendor of Carnation, Washington several feet away from civilization, only to be disturbed by an amplified rock concert. It just shows you how out of touch with the younger generation I have become. When I was a kid, we got our rock and roll concert kicks in decaying football stadiums and ice skating rinks, in the middle of town, not out in the woods. If I ever did go camping I would not want the bother of ear splitting rock music. I'd prefer something more ambient, perhaps something like Brian Eno's "Lux". (Speaking of ambient music, I can't wait to hear Mr. Clean's latest album, which I trust will have been released by the time this goes to press.) But, if someone wants to pay my band to rock their campsite, really, who am I to judge? Just don't make me go camping.

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