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The Dead Milkmen Release New Album!

"Pretty Music For Pretty People" Available October 7th!

Pretty Music For Pretty People

The Dead Milkmen have released a brand new long-player for your listening enjoyment entitled "Pretty Music For Pretty People".

Chock full of hits, this fine collection will get your toes tapping and fingers snapping. The release is out on Compact Disc, MP3, and a special limited 12 inch vinyl edition entitled "Pretty Music For Pretty SPECIAL People".

Amazon allows you to Pre-Order The CD or Pre-Order the Vinyl RIGHT NOW!

In addition to Amazon, both will be available from your favorite record shop - if such an establishment still exists, or try a fine online retailer such as this very website, iTunes, and other legitimate MP3 purveyors.

Hear a track from the album:

Video Released for Title Track

A video was created for the title track of the new album by Brian Siano and is now on our very own YouTube channel . For convenience we have kindly posted it here for you to enjoy.

Baltimore MD & Lancaster PA Shows Announced

The band will play two shows in October:
Saturday, Oct. 25th: Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD TICKETS
Sunday, Oct. 26th: Chameleon Club, Lancaster PA TICKETS

Website Redesigned

You're looking at the new Dead Milkmen website on the world wide web. Keeping up with the trends and posting this newzletter on the Internet seemed like a natural progression in today's modern high-tech publishing world.

For historical reference you may peruse the back issues of this fine publication here: Back Issues Archive

Jack Talcum's CORNER

It's good to have my corner again. Although in this era of the Internet, it feels more like a rectangular area rug than a corner. But I'll take what I can get. It's good to have the Newzletter back as well, even though they still never pay me enough to write this stuff. (They get what they pay for.) Anyway, I'd like to talk to you about my latest obsession: tea. It's the world's most popular beverage, so I doubt I have to explain it to you. (Even Hitler, of all people, drank tea. In fact he had an extravagant tea house built on a mountaintop in Bavaria. I learned this by watching a BBC documentary on the Nazis. He enjoyed sipping tea in his private cinema and watching films about war, which I can totally get down with. But that has nothing to do with the point I'm trying to make.) I've been drinking tea since I was a wee lad, but I feel it's only been in the past half year that I've truly discovered it for the godsend that it is. You see, I'd been what you might call a "tea bagger". I had Lipton's, or the cheap store brand, as my morning cup - two-cent bags that I dunked in nuked hot water for a minute and gulped down before running for the bus. (I don't have a car. Can't afford one on what this outfit pays me.) It was perfunctory caffeine intake with no regard to satisfaction or flavor.

I was at a CosPlay convention earlier this year (I can't recall why I was there) where I met a couple of very polite steampunks who sold all kinds of wonderful smelling loose tea and the accoutrements to prepare and drink it. (My editor is telling me to cut to the chase.) Long story short, I bought some loose tea, a large infuser, and a timer (all at reasonable prices) and my life forever changed. There is no comparison between the crappy tea that goes into those bags and the "real" stuff that you can buy loose. I was intrigued by this discovery so I decided to surf the net and find out all I could about tea - and where I could get more of it delivered directly to my door. It turns out, I found, that teas are cut differently for bags than for traditional loose preparation. (You can't just rip open a tea bag and use it as loose tea. I actually tried this and it made a terrible cup. The leaves are too tiny and don't stay in the infuser and ... my editor is telling me to stop the asides. Sorry. Let's just say "keep your bagged tea bagged".) The most flavorful tea, which also turns out to be healthier - if you believe everything you read on the Internet like I do - is the loose kind. And timing is important. 5 minutes for black tea. 3 minutes for green. And heaven forbid, never pour boiling water on green, but please do so on the black. The fuss is worth it. In fact it's fun! If you get an infuser make sure it's large. The leaves need room to unfurl (so, tea ballers and other confined traps are no-no's) and release their essence. Some tea freaks don't even bother with infusers but just let the leaves roam about to be strained when ready.

Another fact I read that perked up my eyes is that tea contains an amino acid L-theanine (named, interestingly enough after tea itself) which when ingested (oh, damn, my editor is telling me I'm out of space). Well, I'll tell you more about the fascinating physiology of tea in my next Corner, unless I've stumbled upon another obsession by then.

Rodney Anonymous: Record Review

Gypsies, Tramps, & Satan: A Black Metal Tribute to Cher

Gypsies, Tramps, and Satan

Which artist has had the greatest impact upon Black Metal? That's a very difficult question to answer. Yet, if the question is phrased differently - the artist who has had the greatest impact upon Black Metal is which? - the answer is, of course, Cher.

From her massive raven locks; her high-pitched, indecipherable vocals; her penchant for tattoos and leather; and her embarrassing video showing the songstress gyrating shamelessly on the deck of a battleship before a group of horrified sailors, Cher clearly created the template upon which the majority of today's Black Metal groups are based. While it shouldn't be surprising to anyone who has attended a Black Metal concert in the past few years (unless they were grounded because their step-dad is a dick!) to learn that this tribute album to the former Mrs. Sonny Bono exists; what is surprising is that said tribute album didn't appear at least a decade ago.

Gypsies, Tramps, & Satan (Rotted Skull of a Diseased Abortion Records) roars to life from the very first track: Canada's Cancerous Cankerous Clitoris' cacophonous cover of "If I Could Turn Back Time". Up next is Sodomize The Stormlord with their rousing take on "Dark Lady", which is, in turn followed by Feed Us Fetuses' blistering re-working of "You Better Sit Down Kids".

And while the tracks listed above are, by no means, lacking, the real highlights of the album are "Believe", which is cranked up to 13 by Morbid Messerschmitt, and Buttmyst's incredible, angst-ridden, obscenity-laced interpretation of "Half-Breed".

If there's one minor drawback to Gypsies, Tramps, & Satan, it's that the people behind it seemed to feel obligated to include as many shades of Black Metal on the album as possible. Sometimes this works (as with Renaissance Fare Black Metal band Codpiece Police banging the Hell out of "It's too Late to Love Me Now") and sometimes it doesn't (Twee Black Metal duo Chad & The Horned One manage to ruin the Satanic standard "Ringo, I Love you").

As with all Black Metal compilations, Gypsies, Tramps, & Satan ends with a twenty minute debate between two teenagers over whose step-dad is the bigger dick.

Highly recommended.

Dandrew Has Something To Say

I like to imagine that each of my fingers is an individual musician, playing in a different band together on each song. They have their moments of sheer chemistry sometimes, but inevitably one will make a mistake and the others will follow. Sometimes this has the positive effect of causing each one to strive to not be the one to start the chain reaction, and they play it correctly. They aren't too hard to please and as long as I keep my brain out of this whole thing while it's happening, everything is usually fine. Trying to tell my fingers what to do is a fool's errand indeed. On the left hand, the pinky is the weakest and most timid, while the ring finger is a close second. They were involved in a foolish explosion accident many years ago and have never been the same since. The middle finger seems most confident and actually least likely to make a mistake. The index finger is pretty busy, and does a fine job, but tends to second guess himself, while the thumb pretty much just holds the hand up for the rest of the guys to do their thing. The right hand is just like strum strum strum strum sometimes pluck

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